WebSchool (Reach your campus through technology)

Web School is a web-based education management application that dynamically integrates traditional student management tasks into one simple to use web solution. Remotely accessed through a standard web browser, Web School can be deployed on a school's Intranet or the Internet. With the click of a mouse, authorized users have immediate access to informative data including: student details, attendance, academic records, course nformation, Students/Teachers performance and more..

Key Features of Webschool includes yearly budgeting, lesson planner, students/staffs performance analysis, status dashboard report, helpdesk, question bank, fully integrated timetable preparation, students/staffs engagement details, transport, hostel, extensive result analysis, forums, blogs, SMS and e-mail.

Unique Webschool Benefits

  • Platform Independent.
  • Unlimited user licenses.
  • No Annual charges need to be paid.
  • Do not required third party license.
  • Single Database and adapt any DB.
  • Web based and fully integrated solution.
  • No space for rework and it's saves great amount of time.
  • Provide you the 24/7 Information, working and learning environment.
  • Bring computer literacy to the Institutions communities.
  • Bring transparency in the operation, process and decisions.
  • Provide you the highest quality support to help you grow optimizing the management process, academic process & operations
  • Designed to integrate with Biometric, GPRS and other electronic devices.
  • Adapt any type of Schools.
  • Webschool Modules

  • Campus Management
  • Staff Profile Management
  • Standard Management
  • School Enrollments
  • Student Admission and Profile Management
  • Student/Staff Attendance Management.
  • Group Management.
  • Fee Management.
  • Transport Management.
  • Question Bank Management.
  • Exam Management
  • Resource Allocation and Management
  • Customized Reports.
  • Virtual Communication Management
  • Yearly Budgeting
  • Library Management.
  • Helpdesk.