Networking and Infrastructure Solutions

Global eLearning Market:

The World market changes rapidly. New technologies emerge daily and in these unpredictable circumstances, one thing remains constant - the challenges facing your employee-based IT team, tasked with servicing an increasingly complex global network and infrastructure. IT infrastructure is the backbone of a global enterprise, and the biggest challenge is to align IT with business goals.The four key points of IT Infrastructure are – Availability, Reliability, Manageability and Scalability, the ARMS of the IT Infrastructure.

At the same time, you're dealing with demands to cut costs and produce bottom-line savings through consolidation or divestitures. And you're expected to deliver 24x7 uptime to enable improved efficiency and productivity. 100 percent of IT managers and directors stated they can't meet all their service needs internally.

A structured approach to solving issues and problem has been defined by the set of best practices in ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). This has given a new dimension to IT Service Management.

VASA Services professionals have the focus, experience, and perspective to help you gain solid control of business IT.

The processes and solutions that comprise our Infrastructure Management Services portfolio are geared to stabilizing and reducing complexity in your IT environment, optimizing your assets, and helping you respond quickly to change. We specialize in identifying redundancies, recognizing bottlenecks, and staying technologically current.

What's more, we believe you should have as much flexibility and choice as possible. We don't lock you into rigid outsourcing models. We don't insist on using proprietary technology. Working together with your IT executives, VASA Services experts will develop tailored solutions that support a specific function, as well as a departmental or enterprise-wide IT needs - including management of your servers and storage, Web services, network operations, datacenters, and security. Our proven expertise helps enhance your infrastructure's ability to deliver against your business goals - while allowing you to focus on the bigger business picture.

VASA portfolio of infrastructure management services include:
  • Managed Services
    • Management
    • Network Management Services
    • Desktop Management
  • Turnkey Implementation
    • Infrastructure Implementation
    • Platform Migration
    • Security Audits
  • Infrastructure Consulting
    • Server Administration
    • Network Administration
    • IT Process Consulting
  • Professional Services for Planning and Building Infrastructures (covering assessment, design and implementation, migration, IT Process Consulting)
  • Remote Managed Services for Running Infrastructures (covering monitoring, management, operations, service desk)
  • Security Services for Protecting Infrastructures (covering implementation, application vulnerability, identity management).
  • Reduce the total cost of IT operations
  • Focus limited IT resources on core business activities
  • Rationalize IT staffing costs
  • Optimize IT asset utilization
  • Facilitate service delivery
  • Improve uptime and system availability
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