GEMS (Global Educational Management System)

GEMS (Global Educational Management System) VASA's Global Educational Management System (GEMS), is an integrated Higher Educational Enterprise Resource System. GEMS can be deployed at national or ministerial level to provide unified educational information system. It can be linked to Universities, Colleges and institutions to provide online dashboard of useful statistics for the country prosperity, information needed for planning, budgeting, scheduling, staff performance appraisal and resources utilization. The system provides clear visibility to all stakeholders including Educational governing bodies, Ministries, other governing bodies, Planning Board, universities, Academic departments, Colleges, Institutions, Teaching staff, Non-Teaching staff, Administrative Staff, Management Staff, Committee members, student, parents, staffs, suppliers, Agencies, Public and etc.

The integrated management components in GEMS provide transparency, productivity and visibility into operations, procedures, rules and regulations in the education institutions. Other benefits of the system are instant access to real-time information, secured management of vital information, around the clock access to information for planning, decision-making, unified guidelines and methodologies.

GEMS assists in eliminating operational challenges like duplication of procedures, long funding, approval processes and illegal practices that has long been the bane of education systems.

GEMS was developed in JAVA/J2EE, Struts, Spring and Hibernate using the best industry standards and framework. This means our products are platform independent (supporting any platform, both open source and proprietary Platform) and making it interoperable. GEMS is an integration of 23 different applications into one making it the ultimate choice and a one stop shop for all academic, administration, knowledge management and communication solutions.



GEMS provides an integrated approach to higher education by leveraging ICTs, for the development of higher education in the country. Computerization at higher education departments and universities can be seen in the context of the following levels i.e. Ministry, agencies and departments, governing bodies, planning board, universities, academic departments, colleges, teaching and non-teaching staff, administrative staff, management staff, committee members, student, parents, staffs, suppliers, agencies, and the public. Management of information along with business among these units is a challenging task, which can be easily achieved with GEMS. The provision for intelligent file flow makes information sharing fast and easy, and decision making reliable and informed. This system will provide online access to all the information required by the stakeholders. Thus the system will be accessible anywhere anytime to all beneficiaries.

Included in GEMS is also a system that can provide a variety of services that is informative, interactive, transparent, transactional, secure and integrated across the entire spectrum of the education sector. Governing Bodies, National Universities, Autonomous Bodies and Affiliated Colleges will contribute in data collection processes, thereby catering to the needs of the regulating and co-coordinating bodies for information processing and report generation. GEMS is designed to make provisions for integrating existing/legacy systems and applications in the Governing Bodies, Universities and Institutions.


The following features and functionalities are the benefits of GEMS to the above key stakeholders:

  • Integrate information across all functions including registration, financial aid, human resources.
  • Facilitate the flow of information among the institution's functions.
  • Track a wide range of institutional events in an integrated fashion, and facilitate planning future activities based on these events.
  • Support analysis of trends and thus improve the performance of the institution.
  • Allow data sharing across different departments, thus bringing about the efficiency in administration functioning.
  • Facilitate the decision making process of top management by furnishing the right information at the right time.
  • Harness the use of technology to create a sense of achievement amongst employees and citizens.

    GEMS provide users with the following user friendly functionalities and interfaces.


  • Completely developed an open standard technology (Java/J2ee/Hibernate) and adhere to open standards there by avoiding third party software licenses to implement VASA products and solutions (like operating system, web application server, data base server and etc.)
  • Single GEMS server license supports multiple discipline educational institutions (Medical studies, Management studies, engineering studies, science studies and humanities studies)
  • GEMS Technology is supported on all type of devices like Mobile Phones, Tabs, Computers and so on….The unique point being that the "Whole software screen" will sync according to the device size which enables easy navigable accessing by stakeholders.
  • GEMS design and developments have been done by in-house team and owned the complete IP.
  • Configurable as per educational institution needs, Customizable based on needs, Service oriented architecture,Data base independent,easy integration with any hardware devices as well as legacy systems.
  • Product sold s by its own merit and value, proving itself to be above par vis-à-vis competition including large MNC'S.
  • Ready for deployment and immediate go live (Less than 8 Weeks), and can also scale-up instantly.
  • GEMS brings productivity,time and cost savings to the educational institutions on deployment.
  • GEMS product appreciated by educational technologist, educational research & consulting companies, vice chancellors, Head of the departments, IT and consulting companies, Institutions ICT heads and etc.