E-Learning Solutions

VASA invasare students globally to think, connect, create and share -- using technology to help them dissolve boundaries, fulfils their potential, and create a better society.

e-Learning is a virtual act or process by which you acquire knowledge, information or skills. It is the delivery of educational content through Internet, Intranet, CD ROM's etc.,

Global eLearning Market:

eLearning has emerged as the second most popular method for Organizational teaching / training in terms of hours spent and is rapidly increasing in Educational sectors

The overall e-learning market at the global and regional levels is expected to grow at rates ranging between 40% and 56%. The US retains its dominance in the corporate eLearning market with a share of over 44%. Europe is the second largest market with a share of less than 15%".

Delivery of eLearning solutions:

The advantage of eLearning is any time learning and learners learn at their own pace. In-order to develop, deliver and manage eLearning, we need a way…

Synchronous Learning

  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Chat
  • Shared Whiteboard.
  • Application Sharing.
  • Instant Messaging.

Asynchronous Learning

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Discussion Groups
  • Self-paced Courses

Approach of eLearning:

Although, there are ways in delivering the eLearning Solutions but a solution combines traditional learning and eLearning would be effective……BLENDED LEARNING APPROACH.

Blended learning can provide the convenience, speed and cost effectiveness of e-learning with the personal touch of traditional learning.

Advantages of eLearning:

  • Cost of the training program is reduced substantially
  • No constraint of geographical areas
  • You can have job while you attend class
  • The learning can happen as per the learners pace
  • Instruction can be more customized and student focused.

E-Learning in Educational Institution:

"eLearning"– can potentially transform education at every level.It can make high-quality educational experiences available to those whose location, economic, and personal constraints have prevented them from pursuing their educational goals. These learners also represent a wider student market for universities and other education establishments.

Content Development:

VASA can provide content Development service to corporate, universities, colleges, schools, NGOs, social organizations etc. for online courses or almost any online training they may need. This content can be modified from existing course material or developed afresh. Our Instructional Designer will work with domain experts and writers to build content. This content can be designed to produce the desired learning results from the students. Other services like Mobile Content and 2D / 3D Animation are also possible and available.

Brilliant software innovators, Technical writers, text book writers, Instructional Designers, etc…are available with us to add quality and value to the course materials.