ERP Product Development For Educational Institutions

Why do we need this for Education Institution?

The moment we think about school automation we think of a software for fee management, course management, food service for library management and so on.

This ultimately leads us into dealing with multiple applications and multiple vendors and a situation where we have basically "manualized" our school system with computers. Stand alone systems for different units in our school can not only be very difficult to manage but also can add a lot of redundancy in data entry and ambiguity of information within the same organization.

A properly planned single point integrated system (commonly known as ERP) can facilitate zero redundancy, inter module information exchange and thereby a lot of savings.

Why Educational Institutions should adopt Web based ERP solutions?
  • Provide you the highest quality support to help you grow optimizing the management processes, Academic process & operations.
  • Bring transparency in the operation, process and decisions.
  • Provide you the 24/7 information, working and learning environment.
  • Supports to eliminate individual dependency.
  • No space for rework so it saves great amount of time.
  • Bring computer literacy to institution community.
A few things to be kept in mind while choosing education ERP
  • Integrated Software: Need to go for comprehensive automation products which integrates all the activities (admission, library, payments, hostels, student registration etc) into one database and MIS
  • Internet Based Product: In today's world, web enabled technology is always preferred as it can give parents access to student information from home and also gives management access to impotant information from remote locations.
  • Multi User: A multi user solution is preferred as compared to sotware that has restricted use only for office administration staff. This is avoidable as information usage is sub-optimal.
  • Decision Support System: A system should provide a decision support system and not mere automation, as only though decision support system one can reap process gains and cost reduction benefits.