VASAD-lib (Digital Library)

VASA digital Library is powerful library engine developed to work on independent of platform. It stores huge amount of data's without compromising on performance such as speed, reliability, scalability and Interoperability.

VASA Digital Library is a Multilingual and hence the User community can get the maximum benefit. And more importantly the VASA Digital Library has the collaborative feature which helps the Institution/ Corporate to collaborate their existing resources to share with other Enterprises.

VASA Digital Library categorizes the documents and or digital asset under General Purpose and Specific Purpose. In General Purpose, the books are available openly and do not required any permission to access it. In other case, the Specific Purpose, the books are authorized to view under the permission grant by the administrator.

VASA's development of Digital Library encompasses a special plug in application software, which enables the viewer of the digital asset free from the download options. Hence, VASA's special application software, which helps the admin to focus and deliver on the objectives of Library.

Benefits of Digital Library (DL):

  • DL brings the library to the user
    • DDL brings information to the user, at work or at home.
    • With a DL on the desk top.
    • There is a library wherever there is a PC and a network connection.
  • Improved access - Searching and browsing
    • Support full text searching - finding information in paper-based material is very difficult.
    • Search systems are improving.
    • Hypertext linking.
  • Information can be shared more easily
    • Placing digital information on a network makes it available to everybody - mirror sites improve access further - duplication of paper material is very expensive.
  • Easier to keep information current.
    • Information can be updated continuously much more easily.
  • Information is always available
    • Not limited by time and geography (3 A's - any time, any where, any format).
    • Materials are never checked out, mis-shelved, or stolen.
    • Not limited by time and geography (3 A's - any time, any where, any format).
  • Wider access
    • A digital library can meet simultaneous access requests for the same electronic document by easily creating multiple instances (or copies) of the requested document.
    • A digital library can thus meet requirements of much larger population of users.
  • Allow collaboration and exchange of ideas.
    • Technology of DL is closely related to e-mail and teleconferencing.
    • Potential for convergence.
    • Integration with KM(Knowledge Management).
  • DLs may save money.
    • Hard data is not yet available.
    • Conventional libraries are expensive - building, professional staff, maintenance.
    • Today's DLs are also expensive - but as technology costs decline and improved tools become available, DLs may eventually prove to be less expensive.
  • Improved preservation
    • It is easier to copy digital information, without errors - no fear of maintaining one physical object permanently. So rare publications and artifacts may be preserved better by providing access to their digital versions.


  • Modules of VASA Digital Library:
    • Administrator Module.
    • Member Modules.